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  1. omar
    fix this pls and pls give me my 100k money back
  2. omar
    i went on factions bought a cave spider spawner and it gave me a pig spawner lol
  3. AustonYT
  4. inhale
  5. AustonYT
    How is Everyone today?
  6. Xevoro
    Xevoro Dashinqs
    What a beautiful profile pic. Wish I could say the same lol
  7. AustonYT
    Hey guys! I have applied for staff! Wish Me luck! Have a Great Day:)
  8. AustonYT
  9. Rowkus
  10. Loyawl
    good luck fellow builders, i'm sure we can do this
  11. Dashinqs
    When you get a early Kit PvP release, thank you Vek. <3
    1. Xevoro likes this.
  12. Xevoro
    Xevoro Vek
    Does Hoax have a forums account? I'm trying to find him but I can't
  13. Adam
    Hope everybody's having a wonderful morning!
  14. dankr
  15. TheDemonKnight
  16. Octavel
    I'm back!
  17. G3TTHER3CK
    So evry1 ive just hit 725 subs and have beeen wanting yt rank for ages i would love if i could have ign = G3TTHER3CK thx
    1. Dashinqs
      To be apart of the CustomRealms YouTube team, you will need to have expectations and 1,000 subscribers. Good luck on your YouTube career!
      Jun 6, 2017
  18. Rubikscube_9
    I got my rank for free because I was the 1000th person to join CustomRealms after the update, and got Star!
  19. Retriix
    Retriix Vek
    Vek why was i banned when i got permission to by the island owner to do so. if you have a different side to this prove me wrong. =)
  20. Vek
    The new CustomRealms background is AMAZING! @Eagle